Eric Kent. 5th Year Slytherin.

The Next Generation HP RPShoot.
What's up?
The Difference


nothing can separate us except a dick.
welcome to the new age
Devil in disguise.
The Prankster
Look at me, I'm Mr. Cool
The Gryffindor Malfoy
hardest of hearts
you took me by surprise

I just want something good for a change.
Who's laughing now?
time is making fools of us again
Bang Bang Money Penny Bloom!
James Sirius Potter.
Hogwarts Gossip.
Hey there, Sexy.
Here's Hoping
Avery Jones
Everything Is Illuminated
I'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance
She dreamed of paradise
Too many responsibilities.
Friends make everything bearable.
Book Worm
yes, i'm a weasley. no, I don't have red hair.
Nothing New Here
Living in shame's gonna haunt your sleep.
The Snake Princess
Artistic Silence.
Stick 'em with the pointy end
Just dance.
Katherine Galvin